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Gardeners Salad

I love a big bowl of lovely green veg. This can be more than a salad, side it with wraps and tossed new potatoes and you have dinner.   Serves 4-6


Sugar Puffs

These are a mega childhood favourite for me so finding a super healthy way to make them has made my day!!   Oven 200c


Pepper and Squash Pasta

Pasta is one of my favourite meals. It is so versatile. This one has a little sweet edge with the squash which is super yummy.   Serves 4-6   Oven 200c


Wholegrain Oat Biscuits

These biscuits use the coarse wholegrain which is packed with fibre and so good for the gut. They do use a little sugar but they give that authentic oats yumminess!   Oven 200c


Satay Rice Bowl

I adore nut butter so this bowl of yumminess is the best, easiest dinner.   Serves 4-6   (oven 200c if making with veg)

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Pizza party

What a fun way to make pizzas? If your house is anything like mine, people often want different toppings – so here’s the answer. It is a great party number if you have lots of people or just family fun. […]