Blended Chocolate Oats

What a pudding. A perfect healthy option for a weekend treat. No refined sugars, packed with fibre (oats) and feel good cacao.


Serves 1


  • For the oats –


  • 40g oats


  • 80ml almond milk


  • 2tbsp coconut yoghurt


  • 1/2tsp maple


  • 1/2tsp vanilla


  • For the chocolate –


  • 1tbsp peanut butter


  • 1tbsp coconut yoghurt


  • 1/2tbsp maple


  • 1/2tbsp cacao


  • Pinch salt


  1. Place all the ingredient for the oats in a blender, blitz and transfer into the serving glass.
  2. Now place all the ingredient for the chocolate in a bowl and mix until smooth, adding a splash of water if it is too thick.
  3. Top the oats with the chocolate, cover and place in the fridge over night.

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