About me

Hi there,

What you’re about to read is why I chose to smarten up my ways and eat fresher, healthier food. What made me STOP and take a really good look at myself and what I was putting into my body? This is MY STORY. It’s not shocking and hopefully many of you out there will relate to it, be it because of yourself or a loved one, but I thought it best you all know who I am when it comes to my food journey.

I was your average teen. I drank too much, slept too little, ate at irregular times, usually settling for bready fillers like baguettes and croissants, quick fix drive-thrus and take aways. I didn’t think about my body or health because I was young and who needs to think! But I was slim, so perhaps I thought even less.

I married young and had the first of my three (lovely) daughters at 22. And BOOM that was it. Everything changed.

Just like that.

From the moment she was born I began suffering sever migraines and constant nausea. Day in, day out. I saw doctors and specialist, was put on various medications for what I discovered were abdominal migraines brought on by trauma in birth. GREAT. I took the meds for over a year but there was something niggling at me. I didn’t like putting all these chemicals into my body. I didn’t like that I had so little control over something that was now controlling my life. So I did something about it.

I looked at my DIET.

I started like so many people do, by cutting everything out – all sugars, moulds, vinegars – which meant ONE THING…. I needed to start cooking everything from scratch. I had to find sweeteners that were natural. I needed to source FRESH, CLEAN INGREDIENT. I learnt very quickly that what I put into my body, effected how I felt, physically and emotionally.

I gave my system six months to detox and then slowly began reintroducing things. I kept a strict food diary, noting what I ate, at what times and if it triggered any of my symptoms. For over 18mths, I worked on myself, my diet and discovered that yeast was a no no. Luckily, everything else was ok.


Look how far I had come. How far my beautiful family had come on this journey with me. We were now completely addicted to fresh, wholesome foods. Sweet treats were baked using mine (and some little hands), dinners were knocked together from live, fresh ingredient and now that I had myself in a normal state of health (headache and nausea free) there was no way I wanted to pollute my system again.

It was a CHOICE. A choice we can ALL make. It doesn’t matter why you do it, or when, it simply matters that you CAN do it and what better time to start, than now.

I am by no means perfect. I bake with sugar, because I think a little each day or a few times a week does no harm. I order in as a treat every now and again and yes, I make cocktails because guys, food is there to be loved and ENJOYED. So get stuck in, source the freshest, purest things you can find and love it!!

Enjoy your journey,

Love, Rebecca