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Thai Squash Noodles

This was one of those accidently yummy recipes. I had to make a last minute dinner without prep and looked at what I had to use. So this is fast, easy and totally yummy.   Serves 4   Oven 200c


Cacao Nib Cookies

I love a really crunchy, solid cookie. Well this is it. Using only natural, immune boosting and anti inflammatory ingredient. Chocolate in its most natural form. These are truly great.   Makes 8   Oven 200c


Golden Paste

Turmeric is the best anti inflammatory spice around.   It works wonders on your body – so you want to start taking it but you aren’t sure how. I make a batch of this each month and take about a […]


Vegan Chocolate Glaze

Dairy, oddly enough, blocks your body from absorbing all the benefits that chocolate has to offer. Therefore, I thought it was essential to make a dipping chocolate for my family that used cacao (cocoa in its purest and densest form) […]