dinners, light bites & sides, salads

Tex-Mex Salad

THE KNACKERED MUMMIES DREAM! I’m sure everyone out there gets days when they are just too tired to function. When the laundry needs done. The kids need bathed and you still have a pile of mail to go through. Well […]


EASY Sweet and Sour

Who wants a take-away that’s NOT filled with horrible additives? And you can knock it together in five minutes? HERE IT IS – GIVE THIS A GO! Serves 4 Ingredient

dinners, light bites & sides

Asparagus Lentils

Asparagus – it keeps you full for longer, it’s full of antioxidants, it’s brilliant for your digestive system so BEATS BLOATING and the vitamin B helps put A SMILE ON YOUR FACE as it’s a mood booster. So let’s eat more […]


Courgette Pie

I love love love this. It’s rustic and delicious hot or cold. Give it a go :0) Serves 6 Oven 180c Ingredient