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Cheats Satay Noodles

I lovvvveeee peanut butter. Any nut butter in fact, so what better than using it for dinner. This is such a simple recipe with very little cooking. Great for a working mummy to pop on the table or for a […]


Eat Well, Pay Less

There’s a myth going around that healthy eating means expensive eating but listen up guys – IT’S JUST NOT TRUE. You can load your trolley and your body with pre packaged foods, filled with salt and fats, packed with sugar […]


Date and Wheaten Scone

INSTANT. EASY. DELICIOUS. A simple scone recipe that anyone can do – perfect for ENTERTAINING OVER THE HOLIDAYS. Mix everything together, tear them into mounds and bake for ten minutes. Eat them hot. Makes 4 Oven 220c Ingredient

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Slim Pizza

HEALTHY, efficient dinners are a MUST! Give this a go to keep the family (and YOU happy)…. What’s the worst thing about pizza…… all that dough. I stopped eating bases once I realized I was yeast intolerant and these are […]