Cranberry Traybake

I am so excited about these! No REFINED SUGARS, packed with slow release energy in the oats and perfect for lunchboxes.


Oven 200c


Makes – 8


  • 200g oats (100g blitzed to flour)


  • 30g unsweetened cranberries


  • 50g mixed seeds


  • 100ml maple syrup


  • 2tbsp oil


  • 3tbsp honey


  1. Line a brownie tin. Mix all dry.
  2. Mix all wet in a small pot and bring to the boil.
  3. Combine and spoon into the baking tray. Press down firmly to be sure it is tight. (The best way to do this is run a metal spoon under hot water) Bake for 15minutes until browning. Remove and leave to cool before cutting.

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