Onion and Potato Bhajis

These can be a bit fiddly the first time but trust me, they are worth the effort. They are delicious hot from the pan, or cold. So think lunches, picnics etc


  • Oil


  • 700g potatoes, grated ( I don’t’ bother to peel them, it’s more nutritious !!! )


  • 2 med onions, finely sliced


  • 1/2tsp. Ground ginger


  • 2tsps ground coriander


  • 1tsp chilli powder


  • 1tsp chilli powder


  • 2tsps cumin seeds


  • 1tsp salt


  • Black pepper


  • 4tbsp gram(chickpea) flour ( self raising will do )


  • Water to bind.


  1. Grate the potatoes, place in a tea towel and squeeze out the liquid.
  2. Add onions and all the spices plus the flour and mix well. Add small amounts of water until you have a sticky mixture
  3. Heat about 1cm of oil in a large pan. Drop the mixture in 1tbsp at a time. Fry for about 3mins, turn and cook the other side. Lift out, put on a rack and keep warm. Serve with salad, coleslaw & curry mayo.

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