Toffee Apples

These are the thing of childhood aren’t they JI loved them as a kid so when the girls asked to make their own I said yessss

Makes 5


  • 200g golden caster sugar


  • 50ml water


  • 2tbsp golden syrup


  • 1/2tsp vinegar


  1. This is for parents only – too dangerous for kids!


  2. Mix the water and sugar and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved.
  3. Stir in the syrup and vinegar and boil until it is super hot and bubbly. To check it is ready, drip a little bit into a bowl of v cold water – when it goes instantly hard and feels crunchy when you lift it out, it is ready.
  4. Now you need to move fast. Dip the apples into the syrup and lay on a lined sheet to cool. If using sprinkles etc, roll them in them asap!

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