The Struggle and how To Beat It

Who has weak days?


Who thinks it is just too hard to eat healthily sometimes?


The answer is, we all do.


People are not made to make a choice and not falter. We ALL falter from time to time. The question is, how do we handle those moments?


This is how.


* Write a list of Pros and Cons. What can you gain from healthy eating and what have you got to lose from it?


* Clear out those cupboards. Throw out all temptations!


* Do a healthy shop. But fruits. Vegetables the colours of the rainbow and nuts and grains.


* Do not make it too difficult. Give yourself that ONE daily treat. Keep it small but let yourself earn it.


* Ask someone (or use this group) to make you accountable. It is much harder to fail if you know someone is watching over what you do.


*Do NOT get sucked into other peoples eating habits. Give yourself bounderies such as – no refined sugars. No Coffee before 12. No wine before Friday. Etc


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