How to Pack a Healthy School Packed Lunch

When it comes to back to school time, one of a mummies biggest dreads can often be the packed lunch.


What do I put in it?


How do I get my child to eat the right things?


It is every mummies dilemma, inc mine so you are not alone.


The first thing is BALANCE. Try to fill it with a selection of fruits, vegetables and proteins. And don’t forget WATER. Kids often get dehydrated when mummy isn’t there offering them cups of water all day, so fill a flask with good, cold h2o and leave any juices behind.


So how do you achieve balance? I suggest you try to pack half fruit and veg and half proteins. That way your child is picking between colour and texture rather than harribo and carrot sticks.


Try to keep things colourful and interesting. Reds and greens. Crunchy and soft. Mix it up so every day is slightly varied. Try dips such as hummus or ketchup with cold cooked meats.


I try to give my kids a ‘hot pot’ a couple of times a week, filled with soup or stew, sometimes pasta or curry. Just keep a little dinner aside and pop it in in the morning for an interesting lunch the next day.


If you must give packet foods, try to avoid crisps or popped corn with added sugar. Keep them wholegrain if you can or stick to breadsticks and rice cakes.


I hope this gives you a few ideas guys.

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