3 Ways to Jump Start Your Kids ‘Back-To-School’ Routine

Those long winding nights of summer are beginning to fade, and school is looming in the distance. Are your kids ready to get back into their studies?


After a long summer of later bedtimes, loose routines and perhaps less strict sugar consumption, it can be difficult to get back into the school routine.


We want to hit the school gate running (on time and not late) so here are three handy tips to get oyu there with a smile on your face.




When summer is here we are much more relaxed about what time our little ones curl up for sleep, and so we should be. There are no morning pressures, no long days of learning but that is about to change. If your kids are anything like mine it can take them over a week of routine, earlier bedtimes to get over that built up tiredness and back to their energized selves. Start establishing their normal bedtime routine up to two weeks before term time. It doesn’t mean the days have to be less fun, it just means they get longer to rest (as do you)




Summer is a time for relaxed rules, and often that includes diet. We are more willing to let them eat ice creams and lollies in the hot sun, or spend their holiday money on sweets but as the learning term arrives we want them bursting with energy and focus. Where does this come from? Their diet. Lots of colour on those plates guys.




With school about to return, kids can often be anxious about new teachers or even seeing friends they have missed over the break. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of love bombing but I swear by it. It is where you take 1hour ALONE with each child and do something just for them. It can be lying reading books and playing games. Going to their favourite park or for older kids, just taking them for a long coffee and chat. It makes them feel special and appreciated and it really really matters.

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