WOW – Guess What Balances Out Your Hormones? Kale!!

WOW – Guess What Balances Out Your Hormones? Kale!!


Yes – that big leafy green veg is among one of the most NUTRIENT DENSE vegetables on the planet!


1 – Kale has as much iron as beef. Yes iron is critical to balancing your thyroid hormones, which help your body burn calories and regulate weight, energy, mood, and more. Kale can also help to balance your adrenal glands, which help with the hormones necessary for fertility, mood stability, and energy levels.


2 – Kale is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c.


3 – It is one of the worlds BEST sources of vitamin K which is proven to regulate estrogen and progesterone which are the main causes of bloating, mood swings and irritability caused by PMS.


Bottom Line – make a big salad with kale leaves, wilt them as a side, turn them into crisps or pop them in a pie but EAT them, especially coming up to your period.

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