Top 5 ‘healthy’ foods with HIDDEN sugars

There are hidden sugars everywhere
 You need to become a label reader!

* Dried Fruits – these can be packed with added sweeteners, be especially cautious of any containing cranberries! Read the label.

* Cereal Bars – these are a hidden sugars dream. Most contain syrups as sweeteners. Look for bars that are 100% natural ie Naked or only sweetened with fruit juice.

* Fruit Yoghurt – fruit does not mean ‘natural’. More often than not they pack the fruit yoghurts with sugar to take the bitter edge off. Natural yoghurt is the way to go or check the kids department for fuit juice sweetened fruit yoghurts (that’s where i buy mine)

* Cereal – You think rice crispies and corn flakes are healthy? Think again! Most brands are laced with refined sugars. Read those labels!! And remember ‘No Added Sugar’ does not mean healthy, it usually means sweetened with aspartame etc

* Tinned soups or pasta sauces – making fresh is always best. Read those labels and you will find hidden sweeteners in most brands.

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