Chocolate Dipped Ginger Biscuits

NO REFINED SUGAR, healthy biscuits. Yes, you read that right. And they’re even dipped in dark chocolate to give you the HAPPY HORMONE boost ladies

Makes 6

Oven 180c



  • 40g oats, blitz to a flour


  • 20g ground almonds


  • 1/2tsp allspice


  • 1/4tsp ground ginger


  • 50ml maple syrup


  • 2tbsp melted coconut oil


  1. Blitz the oats to a flour, then add everything else and pulse until it comes together as a dough.
  2. It can be very sticky so tip it out onto a lightly flour dusted piece of baking paper and dust the rolling pin. Roll until 1cm thick and cut into your desired size. Pop on a tray and bake for 15-20minutes.
  3. Leave to cool completely then melt the chocolate and dip away. Leave to cool and enjoy!!

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