The Cure (Chicken Stock Soup)

We call this meal ‘the cure’ in our house. When autumn and winter begin their flow, there are so many colds, coughs, sore throats and yucky things going around that a few helpings of this does the body the world of good.



  • 1 chicken carcass (left over from roast chicken – leg bones etc)


  • Water to cover


  • 100g rice


  • 1 tin organic sweetcorn, drained


  • Seasoning


  1. Simply put all the chicken bones in a big pot, cover with water and toss in the rice. Boil, boil and boil some more. The longer it cooks, the more goodness will come out of it.
  2. After a few hours, get your hands in and remove all the bones. Take your time!! Tiny fragments can break off as they soften so go through it with your fingers.
  3. Then add the sweetcorn and seasoning. Keep those winter blues away

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