Top Tips To Stop BINGE Eating

Binge eating is one of the leading problems people face in their daily diet. But thankfully there are simple strategies to try and beat the binge.


1 – Ditch the Diet


Giving yourself a restriction on certain foods can result in a bigger craving and then the risk of over indulging. Let yourself have a little of everything.


2 – Don’t Skip meals


Hunger is a leading factor in binge eating or craving the wrong foods. A drop in blood sugar means you crave a fast hit. This is when we turn to biscuits, chocolate and fizzy drinks. Eat little and often. Let yourself snack on fruit if you aren’t very hungry rather than skipping a meal time.


3 – Be Mindful


mindfulness is something I mention a lot. Being aware of your body and how it feels is so important to healthy eating. Notice when your body feels full. When it begins to feel hungry, act accordingly. If you are satisfied, put down your fork and say ‘enough’. Catch the early signs of hunger and eat something.


4 – Eat more Fiber


Fiber is filling and keeps your body regular. Give yourself more energy and less cravings by starting the day with a fiber rich breakfast.


5 – Clear out the Junk


What you don’t have, you can’t eat. Get rid of all the chocolate, biscuits and crisps and instead keep a small supply for those little rewards at the end of each day.


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