Lose Weight but Stay Body Positive

In a world so dominated by self-image we owe it to ourselves and our children to remain Body Positive.


Weight and helping others on their weight loss journey has never been about anything but health for me. A healthy diet creates a healthy weight and throw in a few exercises and you are fine tuning your most prized possession – YOUR BODY!


Ladies, when you look in the mirror and see imperfection, don’t feel unattractive, or like a failure, but see yourself a someone WHOLE, someone REAL. Ever mark, or dimple, every line or freckle, those are the things that make you you and make you beautiful.


Losing weight through a healthy diet gives your body a chance to live a full and wonderful life. To serve you to the best of its ability because you and your body are A TEAM! You help it and it helps you.


Feed your body the right foods, at the right time and it will reward you handsomely. You will feel energized. Stronger. Mentally charged.


Give your body a little physical exercise and it will grow strong. It will hold you up when you would normally start to fade. It will play longer, work harder and fight off illnesses better.


BUT and this is the big bit


LOVE YOURSELF. Love yourself for every change you are making. For every exercise you do that pushes your threshold. For every imperfection that makes you the woman you are and that woman is PERFECT.


Because perfection can only be found in one place, and that is inside.


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