The Big kitchen Reshuffle

The Big Kitchen Reshuffle


Have you ever stepped back and looked at how your kitchen is organised?


Now I don’t mean the build or design, I mean the way YOU have chosen to stock it.


Where you have placed things.


The sort of plates you serve your food on?


All these things can really effect your relationship with food.


Here are some tips on how to reshuffle your kitchen to help get positive results.


1 – Store Snack Foods Our Of Sight.


Women who store cereals or biscuit jars on the counters have a higher body mass index than those who keep then tucked away. Whereas women who keep fruit bowls on the counter have a lower BMI. This is associated with mindless snacking. If you constantly see sugars, you will be tempted to eat them, whereas, if you see fruits you will be more likely to pick them up.


2 – Reorganise Your Fridge.


The typical design of fridges (mine included) is to keep bottles and jars on the shelves, with the fruit and veg stored in the bottom drawer, usually far below our line of sight. CHANGE THIS. Instead, move the fruits and veg to the middle and upper shelves, and store your jars and packs in the base like a larder. This way, you will be more inclined to reach for carrot sticks and hummus.


3 – Use Storage Jars


Investing in a dozen kilner jars not only improves the look of your cupboard but makes you more likely to use the grains within them. Make one pasta, another brown rice, another lentils. There will be no more spilling packets or wasted tail ends.


4 – Ditch The Family Sized Snack Packs


Reaching into a large bag of crisps makes you more likely to over consume. This is mindless eating. Instead, if you have to reopen a new bag every time you want more, you are more likely to consider if you really want them. (James Painter)


5 – Opt For Green


This is an interesting one. But according to the Journal of Consumer Research, people serve smaller portions on plates that contrast with the food they’re eating. Therefore if you buy green plates, you are likely to eat more salad and veg and less carbs. But serve pasta on a white plate and you could wind up eating more than you need.

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