5 Top Tips To Losing Weight This Month

5 Top Tips To Losing Weight This Month


One of the BIGGEST components to successful weight loss is having an end goal in mind (be it 7lbs, 17lbs…pick it and stick with it)


Here are 5 top tips to help you achieve that goal –


1 – Bye-Bye sugar, hello yummy healthy treats (web link). Empty calories with no nutritional value, we don’t need those. Reducing your intake is the fasted way to lose weight, boost your energy levels and give yourself your glow back.


2 – Say NO!!! to processed foods. Cut out pre-packed ready meals and try replacing starchy whites with the wholemeal versions.

3 – Meal plan and write a shopping list. This is MEGA! Write your meals out for the week. Look at the ingredient you need and get writing your shopping list. If you have the meals planned and the foods in the cupboard you are far more likely to eat them. It saves time and money and what’s more, you don’t need to think on your feet.


4 – Get sweaty Betty. Oh yes, walk, run, play outside. Whenever you can get moving, get moving. Be it an evening stroll, or a Saturday in the forest with the dog or kids…. Get moving.


5 – Get support. Talk to your friends, other mummies or family who also want to lose weight. See if they have found anything that really works for them. Come on into the Private Challenge Group and talk to the other like minded ladies all feeling pretty much the same as you .




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