Porridge pots

Autumn is here guys, so we need porridge. It’s filing and warming and by pre-making these easy pots, it’s now fast too. Simply layer them up and set aside for breakfast during the week.


Per pot – serves one


  • 80g organic jumbo oats


  • 20g freeze dried strawberry slices


  • Hot water or milk to serve and honey


  1. Layer your jars, then fruit topping of choice, set aside until morning.
  2. In the morning fill with hot milk and continue getting ready. 15minutes later, drizzle with honey, stir and enjoy.


  3. Firstly – let’s talk freeze dried. Fresh fruit is amazing, but you simply can’t pre-pack it with porridge. Unsweetened, freeze dried, stays crisp and full of goodness until soaked. Perfect. Here I used strawberries but they are all available on Amazon.

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